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Window and Shades: The Many Types and Options

There are many different types of shades that a homeowner can choose from and although they all serve almost the same purpose, they vary greatly in appeal, features and offer a wide variety of benefits. We are the Best Window Shades in Illinois.

Ultimately it is up to the homeowner and their goals because the shades will impact the appeal of the interior and the amount of light coming in from the exterior, both of which can impact your curb appeal, your interior aesthetic and how your mood changes throughout the season.  At Superior View Window Fashions we offer a plethora of choices for you to peruse while you strive to make a decision.

Honeycomb Shades: Total Light Control

Honeycomb shades are growing in popularity as they provide very little light bleed once closed, they can be opened up or down meaning you choose your level of privacy and they are fantastic at lowering your electric and heating bill because they help insulate the windows from the rest of the home.  However, unlike Sheers or traditional blinds there isn’t really a way to let light in through the in-betweens which means you are either letting a whole lot of light in or not that much.  To counteract this challenge at Superior View we highly recommend getting the Honeycomb shades setup in a way that allows you to open them either up or down, giving you more control and more control of your privacy.  What this means is that you can let light in through the top of the shade, or the bottom as you choose.  This way you can let in plenty of light and still maintain privacy by only having your feet on display when looking up from outside, or by only letting light in from the top so no one can see anything except your ceiling.

Roman Shades: Classy and Sassy

The Roman Shades are a unique bunch, they are not often asked for at Superior View because they represent a unique appeal, a novel way to control the lighting in your home and are a bit more baroque style in their appeal, hence the name Roman.  Like Roman numerals they give off a classic, yet timeless appeal and are controlled through rollers that allow for different positions including fully closed, half-way and reverse. You can also fold them up via the roller and have full access to the window.  You may see that in our showroom models and online examples they are often paired with decorational curtains, which is a common choice for those who get Roman shades because they are intended to hide the rollers/mechanism of the blinds.  The advantage of the rollers is however that these blinds are easily automated and allow for total remote control of the lighting in your house so that you can save the most valuable asset on the planet – time.

Roller Shades: Roll the Sun In

Roller shades are very popular in most suburbs of Illinois and the great city because they are a no thrill, minimalist design shade.  They simply roll up to open and down to close and offer light protection generally at the push of a button as these are commonly automated.  The roller shades are very often installed in large skyscraper condominiums because they can be rolled partially up to allow in some sun without the necessity of blinding the homeowner.  It’s a modern luxury classic and comes in a wide variety of colors that can certainly beef up the appeal of your home.

Sheers and Shadings

If you are seeking a more European appeal then you might find that sheers are a great option.  These open differently, by sliding them up they open up little gaps that let in light and of course these little gaps close when you slide them the opposite way. These are fantastic when it comes to privacy because they almost never let anyone see it all.

These are just some of the amazing choices at Superior View Window Fashions.  We believe in the power of choice and the power of amazing selection and thus we offer our clients the ability to decide with the help of a professional who will guide you through every single option.  Not only do we service the suburbs of Illinois and the city itself we can also repair blinds and shades and do so much more.  Give us a call to find out why we are very highly rated and beloved by our amazing sleuth of customers.

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