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Interior Shutters

Shutters: The Long Lasting Window Treatment

Once upon a time you have probably seen shutters at someone’s abode.  While not particularly popular when it comes to quick builds or renovations for a flip, shutters are a fantastic solution when it comes to window treatments. Superior View’s has the Best interior shutters in Illinois. One of the greatest advantages of shutters is their extreme longevity and durability. This is primarily because unlike most shades and blinds and other window treatments, shutters are built around a frame which is attached to the window.  Because of this they are a more permanent solution, they offer greater versatility in placement and they work on doors, windows and other structures.

The Great Confusion: Shutters Vs. Blinds

Shutters are often confused with blinds because just like blinds they often come with horizontal slats. Because of their permanence, shutters are often placed as an outside solution but they certainly can and frequently are placed on the inside.  Shutters are usually made of more sturdy materials meaning they provide better insulation than most windows and the framing is a big aid in that.

There are other things in which shutters prove superior to blinds such as low maintenance, availability and customizability, significant home value increase and more.  However because of their increased cost many people choose to stick with the more traditional blinds for the inside and occasionally pair them with shutters for the outside.  Shutters do also help prevent glass shattering and are cheaper to fix than replacing full windows especially since you can repair individual slats on the shutter and not necessarily replace the entire thing.

Primary Uses For Shutters

You may also have seen shutters in Western movies.  That’s because shutters were the original window treatment outside of traditional curtains.  Back then they were primarily used to protect homes from winds, storms and the outside world in general while also helping maintain privacy.  Today those uses remain very valid but they also bring along with those benefits the appeal of luxury and energy efficiency as they provide superior insulation. They come in a plethora of different designs which fit both modern Illinois, IL Villas as well as Art Deco classic homes of California.  Shutters often utilize high quality durable materials, primarily woods, composites and metals.  Choice of material is important depending on the placement of the shutters.  If you are placing them on the inside of your home for example it’s much more of a preference than if you are placing them on the outside of the window.

Shutters: For your Home?

Whether shutters or blinds or shades are the right choice for your home is a decision that is entirely up to you.  Of course in order to make a valid decision you need the help of some of the best in the business.  At Superior View Window Fashions we take an astonishing amount of care to ensure that you are happy with your choice and that it compliments the style of your home.

Shutters: The Ultimate Choice for Longevity and Value for Illinois Homes

Shutters bring about an aura of luxury, but also quality, while not many builders choose to go with shutters when they are creating the structure due to their objective being to minimize costs, many of long term owners choose shutters when they identify that they indeed have purchased their dream forever home.  Shutters are an amazing solution and provide so much versatility and beauty.  They can be used on doors for the deck or backyard. They can even be used on parts of a window to only cover a fraction.  There is so much flexibility that it is often the choice of those that want very particular benefits from their window treatment.

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