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Blinds: The Light is in Your Hands

Your home is a place where you feel safe, where you feel comfortable, where you know everything has its spot and everything is under your control.  Studies have shown that sunlight has a direct impact on mood and energy and the short summary is that the more sunlight you get, the happier you feel and you have more vigor or a proverbial pep in your step.  Because of this aspect of our humanity the way you cover your windows is a crucial decision that you need to make for your home.  It often seems complex as there are so many different options, so many different makes and types and so many questions that remain unanswered to you and your family.  Well worry not, because here at Superior View we aim to make you happy about your window fashions, we are the Best Home Blinds in Illinois and our goal is to provide you with the ideal solution for your home.

Why Blinds for Illinois Homes

Blinds are an affordable and efficient way to control the light in your home.  They offer the most variability when it comes to light.  This is because blinds are made of horizontal slats that can be tilted up or down to allow for different angles of light.  This also allows you to control the privacy by controlling the viewing angle.  This offers a variety of combinations.  Perhaps you want to dim the room for TV viewing so that the rays are not reflected on your screen: you can do that by angling the slats up.  Perhaps you want the sunshine to hit the floor: then you can position the slats down.  On top of this you can pull the blinds up or down which allows you for a fully clear view if you so prefer.  With shades you can do only two motions: up and down so you either get a lot of sunlight or none at all or you leave your home partially exposed.  Regardless of what you prefer at Superior View we offer solutions to increase your control and privacy even further so worry not if you still aren’t sure what to get.

Types of Blinds

 There are many different types of blinds and we will cover several of the more popular styles below.  Rustic, classic, modern or contemporary, regardless of your choice your blinds will be a large portion of your home decor and have a large influence on your aesthetic as well as on the lighting and privacy of your home. The best selling types of blinds are: Vertical, Rolling, Venetian, Motorized, Mini Blinds, Panel, Cellular, Aluminum and Outdoor.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a very common and popular solution for either very large windows or balcony/patio doors.  These blinds include very long vertical slats and come in either vinyl or fabric.  The track is only on the top of the blinds so you definitely need a professional to measure the length for you and ensure that your blinds don’t drag on the floor nor let in too much light. There are various styles of vertical blinds so you do not have to settle for the 90’s plain white vinyl ones and they can come in various colors and widths as well to suit your fancy.  Whether you have a large patio or a couple of balconies in your beautiful home in Winnetka, Burr Ridge or Naperville, Superior View Window Fashion specialists will ensure that your new blinds are not only beautiful but also perfectly suited for your home.

Panel Blinds

Panel Blinds are very similar to vertical blinds but the difference is they are much larger and broader.  There are usually less of them but they overlap and often slide over each other much like European closet doors.  They are a rather unique solution as you don’t see them often but they work great on larger windows as well as balconies and terraces.

Mini Blinds

Mind blinds were very popular in office enclosures.  Often made out of aluminum these blinds are now making a combat.  They offer great light control and as far as blinds go they max out privacy, all while being extremely affordable and hard to break.  White wooden panels on blinds make less noise and offer a sometimes preferred welcoming appeal, aluminum blinds are very hard to break(they bend and you can bend them back) and they are easily and cheaply replaceable.

Aluminum Blinds

Though aluminum as a material has largely declined in popularity in the early 2000’s they are now making a comeback and it is mostly due to their ability to repel heat.  They come in several different designs but are largely popular in hotter parts of the country or very sunny rooms.

Motorized Blinds

Motorized blinds are simply blinds with an attached motor which allows them to be automated or remote controlled.  Any of the above blinds can be motorized and our experts at Superior View will help match you with the perfect combination.  Whether you are a frequent traveler who is never home but wants his plants to get the right amount of sunlight without leaving everything on display at night or you simply do not like getting up to adjust your blinds every hour as the Chicagoan weather changes, motorized blinds may be for you.  An often overlooked reason for motorized blinds is their efficiency. It may be difficult to come up with terms that something that requires power can be frugal but blinds impact your heating and cooling needs significantly and having the blinds automated for different seasons could shave hundreds of dollars off your heating bill.

Rolling Blinds

Unlike your regular blinds these blinds unroll rather than unfold.  There are modern and classic takes on these blinds and you may have seen both.  The more popular model zebra rollers nowadays are very popular as they offer superior privacy and an amazing aesthetic as well as very little noise.  Because of the way they are set up they are very simple to motorize and automate.

Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades are different in that there is no space in between them which means they trap air.  This makes them superior shades for frugality and lowering your bill but it also means they are more restrictive on the light control aspect.  However, these blinds can open up or down and they are pretty sleek looking and hence why they are some of the best selling blinds in the market in today’s world.

Outdoor Blinds

You probably are thinking correctly: yes outdoor blinds are blinds that are well… outdoor.  They are weather resistant and can be wet, cold, hot, ect, but they offer superior levels of privacy control, especially when paired with interior blinds.  Though rather uncommon in many parts around the country these blinds are great for those that want a clean appeal from the inside.

Don’t Stress! Superior Has You Covered

This was probably quite a bit of information and you are likely still unsure of what you want for your home, but that is the beauty of the blind business, you don’t have to make your decision right now.  If you are just browsing, check out the photos that we have. If you are curious what is best for you, give us a call and we will send out a consultant to check out your space, provide you with various options and recommendations and finally give you the peace of mind of knowing that an expert will guide you.  With Superior, your view will be Superior.

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